Application Environment of Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber II

(3) Formulation design

1 system

The content of double bonds after hydrogenation is greatly reduced, so it is preferred to use peroxide crosslinking. If the degree of unsaturation is more than 5%, sulfur vulcanization can also be used. The heat resistance of peroxide vulcanization is better. The accelerator may be HVA-2 (styryl maleimide) or TAIC (triallyl isocyanate). In this way, both the sulfur rate and the scorch can be avoided.

2 reinforcement system

Carbon black or fumed silica, clay, calcium carbonate, etc. can be used to improve the mechanical properties, and the effect of high wear-resistant carbon black is best.

4 plasticizer

5 plasticizer can reduce the glass transition temperature of vulcanized rubber, so that the low temperature resistance is reduced to -40 ° C.

(4) Main performance

1 Oil resistance can maintain good oil resistance and aging resistance at 150 °C, and the service life at 1500 °C is 10000h.

2 Ozone-resistant can work continuously for 1000 hours in a static and dynamic ozone environment without cracks.

Compressive deformation performance is also very prominent, better than NBR, CSM and other rubber. The wear resistance at high temperatures is also outstanding, equivalent to 2 to 3 times that of other oil resistant rubber.

(5) Application

1 car accessories

Automotive seals, gas pump diaphragms, valve sleeve gaskets, etc., to meet the requirements of compact engine space and higher temperature. The hydrogenated nitrile rubber synchronous toothed belt has many advantages such as high transmission, low deflection and resistance to bending.

2 Oilfield Machinery Parts

The working conditions of oil drilling are very harsh, and it is required to be resistant to high and low temperature and corrosive gases. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber is now the ideal glue for petroleum fittings for the manufacture of oil well piston seals, drill rod stator casings and rig hoses.

3 Mechanical Engineering Accessories

High-performance seals suitable for various machines, with oil and medium resistance. However, due to the complexity of the synthesis process and the high price, it has hindered its promotion and application to some extent.