Advantages of rare earth butadiene rubber in application

Rare earth butadiene rubber is a member of the butadiene rubber series and is named after the rare earth element (ruthenium) compound as a catalyst. At the same time, it is also the highest in the neutral structure of the butadiene rubber series, the lowest content of 1,2, the most complete linear structure, and the best anti-scorchability of the rubber. Its advantages also include fast vulcanization speed, 300% modulus, tensile strength, hardness, tear strength and wear resistance are better than ordinary butadiene rubber. It is particularly worth mentioning that its rolling resistance is significantly lower than that of ordinary butadiene rubber, which is in line with the general direction of energy saving and consumption reduction of tires.

In 1988, Bayer of Germany first realized the industrial production of rare earth butadiene rubber. At present, the world’s production capacity of butyl rubber (Nd-BR) is 180,000 tons, and its molecular chain has a high linearity, and the cis-1,4 structure content exceeds 98%. The rare earth butadiene rubber combines the advantages of low heat generation, small rolling resistance, good wet skid resistance, good bonding performance, and resistance to flex cracking. Therefore, the comprehensive performance exceeds the use of other catalytic systems of butadiene rubber, which is particularly suitable for the development of radial tires. The side rubber was prepared by using a rare earth butadiene rubber BR100. nickel-catalyzed butadiene rubber NBR and natural rubber in a 50/50 blend ratio, and the obtained side rubber was assembled on the tire and compared. As a result, the BR9100 is clearly ahead.

The study found that the bonding performance of rare earth butadiene rubber is nearly an order of magnitude higher than that of ordinary butadiene rubber, which creates conditions for reducing the amount of natural rubber in the side rubber. Because the purpose of using natural rubber together is to improve the viscosity, the two glues have a complementary and superimposed effect. The domestic rare earth butadiene rubber 9100 also exhibits favorable properties such as adhesion strength when used in load-bearing bias tires, in which the bonding strength is increased by 28.75%, the durability is increased by 32.9%, and the surface temperature of the tire is lowered by 20 °C or more.

From the synthetic point of view, the lanthanide rare earth butadiene rubber has four major advantages in production technology: First, since the catalyst is non-oxidized, its residue does not cause polymer degradation, so there is no need to remove it, simplifying production. Process. Second, the Mooney viscosity can be adjusted by oil filling. Third, the polymerization can use fat as a solvent to promote environmental protection. Fourth, the molecular chain ends have reactive groups, which provide a basis for the modification of the polymer.

There are also room for improvement in the improvement and improvement of domestic rare earth butadiene rubber. Especially in the improvement of tire grades, the production of high-performance products have a place.